Pothole Brought ‘Dead’ Man Back To Life, Saved Him From Bring Cremated

Potholes are typically met with disdain for good reason. Not only do they disrupt the aesthetics of our roads, but they also pose significant challenges for motorists. In most cases, driving over a pothole results in nothing more than an uncomfortable jolt for passengers. However, in extreme situations, they can inflict considerable damage on a vehicle.

Yet, in an extraordinary turn of events, a pothole proved to be unexpectedly beneficial, playing a crucial role in what could only be described as a miraculous revival.

Unheard Of Possibility

Two decently sized potholes on the road.

An Unprecedented Event

The journey to the wake was not undertaken alone; Brar’s grandson accompanied him, dealing with necessary formalities at the hospital before joining the ambulance for the final journey. As fate would have it, while traversing the rugged terrain of Haryana state in North India, the ambulance encountered a particularly severe pothole. The impact was so intense that it stirred Brar’s body to life.

To the astonishment of Brar’s grandson, he observed signs of movement. Upon checking, he discovered that Brar’s heart had miraculously started beating again.

A Sudden Shock

A close shot of an ambulance zooming through the streets.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the grandson urged the ambulance driver to reroute to the nearest medical facility. Upon examination, doctors confirmed that not only was Brar alive, but his condition was also stabilizable.

As relayed by Balwan Singh, another grandson of Mr. Brar, to NDTV, the family was enveloped in a wave of joy and relief at this unforeseen miracle. The gathering that was meant to mourn Brar’s passing turned into a celebration of his unexpected return to life, with guests encouraged to partake in the feast that had been prepared.

Absolute Miracle

Brar being checked on in the hospital after coming 'back to life.'


He quickly informed the ambulance driver to change their course and head to the nearest hospital. Once checked over, doctors declared him not only alive but also able to be saved.

As Balwan Singh, another of Mr. Brar’s grandsons, told NDTV, “It is a miracle. Now we are hoping that my grandfather recovers soon.”

“Everyone who had gathered to mourn his death congratulated us, and we requested them to have the food we had arranged. It is God’s grace that he is now breathing and we are hoping he will get better.”

Loved By Many

A close shot of a gloved hand placing a ventilator on a man's face.

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His resuscitation was seen as a blessing, not just because of how miraculous it was, but because of how cherished Brar was as a community member. One of his local peers in Nising shared that “an entire colony,” equivalent to a neighborhood, was named after him.

His illness had originally overtaken him very quickly. By the time he went to the hospital, he had to be put on a ventilator right away and had been declared dead only four days afterward.

Both Good And Bad

A close, low shot of a large pothole in the middle of a road.

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Now? The doctors currently treating him have shared that not only has his heartbeat normalized and returned to full strength, but he’s breathing without a ventilator, too. They’re unsure why the first hospital had deemed him deceased, but they’re focused on the present for now, focused solely on Brar’s recovery.

His story is shocking, amusing, and emotional all at once. Next time you hit a rough pothole in your city, remember that, while they’re usually annoying, they do serve some sort of accidental purpose. Sometimes.

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