People stunned after Hooters waitress reveals how much she made in tips on birthday

A Hooters waitress in the US took to TikTok to reveal the generous amount of tips she received while celebrating her birthday, leaving many users astonished. In a world full of tipping protocols and expectations, the gesture of leaving a little extra for someone on their special day stands out as a warm act of kindness. This sentiment is amplified when the person celebrating is a hardworking employee, such as Savannah, the TikTok user and Hooters waitress who decided to turn her birthday celebration into a week-long event.

Despite taking the actual day off, Savannah worked her shifts before and after her birthday, donning a birthday sash to let patrons partake in her festivities—and perhaps nudge them towards leaving a bit more in tips. Hooters staff are already known for earning substantial tips, but Savannah’s birthday haul was particularly impressive to her TikTok audience.

Savannah was upfront with her customers, explaining that she was celebrating around her actual birthday, not on the day itself. Her transparency didn’t dampen the celebratory spirit, as she humorously noted, “Everyone told me to wear the sash as long as I could… so I did.”

Throughout her birthday week, Savannah shared updates on her tip earnings through TikTok. On her first shift with the sash, she amassed $272, a commendable sum by any standard. Although a bout of illness caused her to miss a day, she bounced back to earn $121 and $178 on subsequent shifts, totaling an impressive $571 despite being sent home early on the last day.

The revelation of her birthday earnings sparked envy and admiration among viewers, with some joking about switching careers. Savannah’s success story, underscored by her followers’ reactions, highlights the potential financial rewards of working in the service industry, especially when marking a personal milestone.

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