Meet the Most Beautiful Men on Earth According to Science

The magnetism of physical allure has long captivated the curiosity of those who study human attraction. Beauty standards may waver from culture to culture, yet a recent exploration by Dr. Julian De Silva, an esteemed plastic surgeon, has shed light on certain physical characteristics deemed universally appealing in men. Leveraging the principles of the Golden Ratio, Dr. De Silva meticulously evaluated the facial proportions of renowned male celebrities to quantify their aesthetic appeal. Let’s delve into who made the list according to this fascinating study.

Idris Elba, with a score of 88.01%, exudes charm with his prominent square jawline and intense eyes, earning accolades like “Sexiest Man of the Year” and “Sexiest Man Alive” by major publications. His most striking feature, as per the Golden Ratio, is his chin, though his nose didn’t score as high.

David Beckham’s symmetrical face, strong jawline, and pronounced cheekbones have long been admired. His facial structure, particularly the base of his nose and lip width, scored a remarkable 99.8%, placing him at 88.96% overall.

Hugh Jackman’s timeless appeal only seems to enhance with time, scoring 89.64%. His nose shape ranked highest, while his lips and eye spacing didn’t fare as well.

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