“It’s 2024, Bodies Are Changing, So Planes Should Too” Woman Urges Airlines For Wider Seats

A social media influencer with curves is unhappy with airlines, requesting them to make bigger seats as her backside doesn’t fit comfortably. She shared a video illustrating the difficulties she encountered on airplanes, and it gained widespread attention.

Gracie Bon, a 26-year-old from Panama, shared a video on Instagram discussing the challenges she faces as a plus-sized woman during flights. In the clip, she appears frustrated while trying to fasten her seatbelt on the plane.

Subsequently, she walks through the airport on a moving walkway, smiling and displaying her figure. The influencer voiced her perspective, stating, “Airplanes should have bigger seats.”

Gracie further elaborated, saying, “So today I had a flight and even if I was flying in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane — so this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly.”

The social media personality noted ’’It’s not my fault I have a butt this big’’ and urged the airline to take this into account when determining seat sizes. She pleaded, “Please, just make them bigger.”

Gracie’s Instagram video attracted widespread attention, amassing over 89,000 likes. However, a considerable number of people disagreed with her viewpoint and expressed their opinions.

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