Dad of UK’s largest family with 22 kids defends getting his wife pregnant when she was 13

The UK’s largest family, known as the Radfords, have captured the nation’s heart, with Sue and Noel Radford at the helm of their 22-strong brood. This remarkable couple has shared their extraordinary life through the reality TV show “22 Kids & Counting,” which originally debuted as “15 Kids and Counting” in 2012. Their journey from then until welcoming their 22nd child in 2020 has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Sue and Noel, who tied the knot over three decades ago, have recently ventured into the literary world with their book, “The Radfords: Making Life Count.” In this heartfelt narrative, Noel addresses the scrutiny they faced regarding their youth when they started their family. Sue was just 13, and Noel was 17 when they discovered they were expecting their first child. This aspect of their story has been a topic of much conversation, both in the media and online.

Noel candidly reflects on their early days as parents in their book, emphasizing that they were both young and acknowledging the public’s mixed reactions. He points out that their situation was unique, as they were close in age, unlike other cases that might involve a significant age gap. Despite the challenges and societal judgments, Noel and Sue were determined to build a life together.

The Radfords’ decision to raise their first child, spurred by their own experiences of being adopted, laid the foundation for their large family. Noel reveals that, despite the potential for legal issues due to their ages at the time, they faced no legal repercussions. Their journey from childhood sweethearts to the parents of Britain’s biggest family is a testament to their love and commitment to each other.

In “The Radfords: Making Life Count,” the couple also shares the story of their meeting through Noel’s friendship with Sue’s older brother. Their shared desire to stay together and raise their child in a loving home has led to the joyful chaos of a family that now numbers 22.

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