10 Famous Women Whose Beauty Is Almost Perfect According to Science

It’s fascinating to think that beauty can actually be measured by science, and it all boils down to the concept of the golden ratio. This principle, which is all about proportion, applies to various forms of beauty, including human faces.

Here’s a quick guide on how to quantify beauty:

How to measure beauty mathematically

To start, measure both the length and width of a person’s face, then divide the length by the width. If the quotient is approximately 1.62, the golden ratio, then that face is considered ideally proportionate.

But that’s not all. Other measurements also play a crucial role, such as the distances from the chin to the nose tip, the nose tip to the area between the eyes, and from there to the hairline at the forehead. If these distances are equal, the face is deemed beautiful.

10th place — Cara Delevingne

Moreover, there are specific ratios for the lips and nose that align with the golden ratio: the lips’ width to their length and the nose’s length to its width should ideally match this number.

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